The recent ISO 9001 accreditation of Johnson Crane Hire underpins the company’s commitment to its SHEQ policies. Not only does this signify compliance with international standards and procedures, it underpins this leading mobile crane hire company’s commitment to quality provision throughout its market offering.

The company, which operates the largest mobile crane fleet in Africa, has long been distinguished as the smartest, as well as the largest in its field. Cedric Froneman, SHEQ executive at Johnson Crane Hire, explains that operating cranes involves a great deal more than just lifting loads and moving them from one place to another. “Best practice and world class procedures have always formed the cornerstone of the company’s operating philosophy and the emphasis placed on quality forms part of its ‘SMART’ strategy.”

The quality management systems (QMS) at the company focus on the fundamentals of ISO 9001 including customer focus, risk management and continuous improvement throughout the organisation. In addition to this, Johnson Crane Hire’s SHEQ systems are aligned with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Johnson Crane Hire differentiates itself from the other crane hire operators with its SMART strategy. SMART stands for Safety, Maintenance, Availability, Reliability and Total Cost Effectiveness.

With an operating ethos founded on providing a total lifting solution, Johnson Crane Hire is able to supply the right crane for the right job without compromising on safety or quality, and ensuring that the lift is done on time and within budget.

“We operate the most well maintained equipment in Africa as a result of its comprehensive workshop facilities, expertise and systems, and the recent attainment of ISO 9001 accreditation has served to formalise this,” Froneman says.

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